Why Camp?

Camp provides our children with the opportunity to learn important lessons about community, character-building, skill development, and an appreciation for the outdoors.

Why a Camp Fire Camp?

Camp Fire has always recognized curious youth exploring their world need a secure place to grow up. And since 1910 we’ve provided that place, through in-and-out of school programs and camps.Camp Fire believes when youth get the chance to be outdoors, to work with others in the community, and learn to respect nature they better respect themselves. We’re proud of the role we have played—and continue to play—in guiding young lives to an appreciation of their lives and the world we all live in.

Camp Staff

Camp Fire counselors are carefully chosen and trained. All meet the standard program requirements of Camp Fire. Most camp staff are college students majoring in recreation, education, or child development. All staff is required to participate in a week-long pre-camp training session, in addition to regular daily and weekly staff meetings.

Physical Requirements

While at camp, children will be involved in a variety of physical activities in the outdoors. Camp Fire requires parents to fill out a current health history for every camper. Campers without signed health history forms will not be allowed to stay. Campers with special needs may be required to obtain a doctor’s release to attend camp.

Health and Safety

Safety is our top priority at camp. All staff members are trained in First Aid and CPR procedures. In the event of illness or injury, parents will be notified immediately by phone. The camp health supervisor holds and dispenses all medications while campers are in our care.

What if my camper has medications?

If your camper takes medication, please check in medications with the camp health supervisor on the first day. Please make sure all directions for medications are on the Health History Form.

What campers should bring to Camp

  • A lunch. Refrigeration is not available, so do not send perishable foods. A small snack will be provided every day or you can bring your own.
  • A Water bottle with your campers names on it.
  • Comfortable play clothes, as campers, WILL get dirty.
  • Closed toed shoes and socks are required. No sandals or open back shoes.
  • A hat or cap and sunscreen. Parents are required to apply lotion before camp for their child’s protection. The camp counselors are not allowed to help apply.

What campers should not bring to Camp Please keep valuables, electronic equipment, toys, personal sports equipment, etc. at home. All program supplies will be provided. Camp Fire is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property.

Camp camper to staff ratio?

Little Stars: 1:6 Camper to staff ratio.
Starflight: 1:8 Camper to staff ratio.
Adventure: 1:10 Camper to staff ratio.
Discovery: 1:10 Camper to staff ratio.

How do I communicate with the Staff?

Camp staff will be available every day before and after camp starts to answer any and all questions or concerns you might have about your child. All information between parent and Camp Staff is confidential.

Can staff babysit?

Although Camp Fire Camp CaHiTo staff work well with children, our policy states that our staff are not permitted to babysit for families involved in our programs.

Can staff accept presents?

Although our staff work long, challenging hours, our policy states that employees are not to accept gratuities. If you wish, we encourage you to make a donation to our Camp Fire programs to continue to help children. If interested, please contact Camp Fire at 619-291-8985 for more information.

What if I need to speak with my camper?

If you ever need to reach your child while she/he is in camp, please call the office at 619-291-8985. Someone in the office will take your message and get the information to your child.

Can I make a friend request for my camper to be in the same group?

All groups are made based on the ages of your camper at the start of each program. See Camp Groupings below. Friend requests are not guaranteed, and can only be made for up to 3 friends.  Friend Requests need to be reciprocated from all parties. Please note that we cannot drop your camper down into another camp grouping, or move campers up camp groupings. Start of Camp/Day of Friend Requests can be submitted but are not guaranteed; we group campers before the start of a program. Siblings are not automatically grouped together. Friend Requests need to be submitted the Monday before Camp Start in our online system, emailed requests will not be reviewed.

Camp Groupings (Age of Camper at start of Camp)
Little Stars Half Day: Campers ages 3-5
Little Stars Full Day: Campers ages 4-5
Starflight: 5-7 years old
Adventure: 8-10 years old
Discovery: 11-13 years old
DASH/CIT: Entering 9-12th Grade Fall ’18

What happens if my camper has a discipline problem at camp?

Camp Fire Camp CaHiTo staff is trained and is expected to resolve behavior problems in a positive manner. Our staff speak with the child, allowing him/her to take time out to think about the problem, discuss the problem/solution with the child, then let the child return to the activity. In more severe cases, the child will be kept out of the activity, and the parent will be asked to pick up their child. Together, parents and Camp Fire Camp CaHiTo staff will work out a custom-designed behavior modification method depending on the severity of the problem. In the event, the problems persist, the child may be suspended or expelled from the program. Some acts may result in immediate suspension or expulsion including but not limited to; fighting, intentionally harming others, theft, and possession of weapons or drugs. Camp does not grant refunds or credits for missed days due to a behavior program. Please click here for our Camper Code of Conduct.

Do you have a Lost and Found?

We know that sometimes things get lost, please label all of your child’s belongings. Our camp Lost and Found is located at the sign in/out desk. Please feel free to check for your child’s lost and found items. Items left for over three weeks with be donated to charity.

What is Camp Fire Camp CaHiTo’s bathroom procedure?

All campers must use the buddy system; no camper is ever alone. When offsite campers will take trips to the bathroom with the entire camp and/or camp groups escorted by camp staff. Campers will only use bathrooms inspected for safety by camp staff.

How old do you have to be to go swimming at Camp?

If your camper is eight years or older at the start of camp he/she will have the opportunity to go swimming at the Boy Scouts of America pool, all campers eight years or older will go to the pool with their group. Swimming is 1.5 hours long; Campers will leave camp at 10:30 am and return at approx 1:00 pm.

Campers at the pool will play fun and unique water games and activities. Each camper is individually evaluated on his/her swimming skills on the first day of each session so that the best level of supervision can be provided at all times.  Campers are not required to go swimming; other activities will be provided for campers.

What if it rains?

Camp runs rain or shine. If weather conditions require it, we will move inside for indoor activities.

Is there Financial Aide “Camperships”?

Camperships are available on a first come, first serve basis. A family must meet the required guidelines to receive funding, Financial Assistance applications are available online. (Please note incomplete applications will not be processed & additional documentation may be required). Click here to apply.