Camp Fire SD Membership All campers are required to become a Camp Fire SD member for $25. Benefits include Member Only Discounts, Newsletters, and Event Notification. Membership is valid for 365 days. Remember when registering for future camps to use your same login credentials, Membership Fees purchased in separate family accounts are non-refundable.

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedure We have streamlined our Drop Off & Pick Up System with our new CaHiTo Check-In/Out System learn more about the new system hereRemember to please bring a Government Issued ID for Pick Up. Note Authorized Pick Up names need to match what is in the Camper Registration.

Traditional/Specialty/Teen/Resident Camp Late Pickup If your child is not picked up by 6:00 pm you will be charged $1 for every minute. Every attempt will be made to contact parents. If by 7:00 pm the parents are not reachable, and the child has not been picked up; Child Protective Services will be contacted.

Little Stars Half Day Late Pickup If your child is not picked up by 12:30 pm you will be charged $1 for every minute. Every attempt will be made to contact parents. If by 1:30 pm the parents are not reachable, and the child has not been picked up; Child Protective Services will be contacted.

Street Sweeping Policy on Thursday AM Thursday morning is Street Sweeping Day in the Park. We do our best to make the process of dropping off campers smooth & fast. Please use the Drop-Off Zone on Thursdays located on the left-hand side of Balboa Dr. If you would like a little extra time with your child, we recommend parking on Sixth Ave and walking across the park to sign your campers in. We cannot guarantee you will not get a ticket if you park on Balboa Dr outside the Drop-Off Zone. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

No Cell Phone Policy Camp CaHiTo is a CELL PHONE FREE ZONE. Please do not send a cell phone with your child. If we find any cell phone that is in use by a child, the phone will be taken away until the end of the camp day, and a warning will be issued to both the parents and to the child. A second infraction to adhere to the “NO Cell Phone Policy” could be cause for child’s dismissal from our program without a refund. Staff have radios and/or cell phones for any and all emergencies.

Cancellation & Refund Policy A request to cancel your enrollment in a program is required 14 days before the first day of Camp, please fill out the Cancellation Form. You could receive a Voucher of 50% of the total price of the program or more depending on the circumstances. Please provide a Doctor's note, or any additional information for consideration on the Cancellation Form. Membership Fees are nonrefundable.  If Camp CaHiTo cancels the program, full refunds, including membership fees (if applicable), will be issued. Vouchers/deposits cannot be applied or transferred to outstanding balances and are nontransferable. Vouchers are valid for the current year only.

Transfer Policy A program transfer request will be accepted 14 days before each camp session; please fill out the Transfer Form. There will be no transfers processed after the 14-day deadline. All transfers are subject to availability; there is a transfer fee of $25 per session being transfer, all transfers need to be during the camp season. Before camp starts, we pay our vendors, buy supplies and hire our staff according to the enrollment numbers. These are the reasons for our policy. Please note coupons are nontransferable if transferring a week where a coupon has been used the coupon will become invalid, and the value/discount will be lost.

Late Payment Policy If payments are past due your space will be forfeited, any coupons used will become invalid, and the value/discount will be lost, and a $25 late payment fee will be assessed.

Snack Shack CASHLESS The Snack Shack is now CASHLESS, we will no longer accept Cash. All monies will need to be collected prior to Camp Start via our Active Registration System or by using a Credit/Debit Card at our Parent table during Registration. Monies can transfer week to week within a Season (i.e., Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter). Any remaining Snack Shack monies are nontransferable to another Season; any remaining balance will support future programming for youth.  The Snack Shack is open during the campers scheduled lunch time & upon parent pick up at the end of the Camp day with Parent/Guardian present; PM Extended Care campers will have an opportunity to go to the store at 3:30 pm.

Early Bird Registration Check out our early-enrollment pricing for all camps. For current pricing check, https://campscui.active.com/orgs/CampFireSanDiego. Summer prices will raise 10% on 4/30/20 and 20% ten out of the start of the program.

Coupons & Discounts Coupons cannot be applied to previously purchased Programs/Camps, and cannot be used after their expiration dates. Coupons are nontransferable if transferring a week where a coupon has been used the coupon will become invalid, and the value/discount will be lost.

Military Discounts Camp Fire San Diego proudly supports our Military and offers discounts to Active Military families. Current Military ID is required. Please contact the office for more information.

Camp Groups & Friend Requests All groups are made based on the ages of your camper at the start of each program. See Camp Groupings below. Friend requests are not guaranteed, and can only be made for up to 3 friends.  Friend Requests need to be reciprocated by all parties. Please note that we cannot drop your camper down into another camp grouping, or move campers up camp groupings. Start of Camp/Day of Friend Requests can be submitted on the Late Friend Request form but are not guaranteed; we group campers before the start of a program. Siblings are not automatically grouped together. Please note we cannot accept Friend Requests for Amazing Day Campers at this time. Friend Requests need to be submitted 7 days prior to Camp Start in our online system; emailed requests will not be reviewed.

Camp Groupings (Age of Camper at the start of Camp)
Little Stars Half Day: Campers ages 3-5
Little Stars Full Day: Campers ages 4-5
Starflight: 5-7 years old
Adventure: 8-10 years old
Discovery: 11-13 years old
DASH/CIT: Entering 9-12th Grade Fall ’18

Late Friend Request Friend Requests need to be submitted 7 days prior to Camp Start in our online system; emailed requests will not be reviewed.Late friend requests are not guaranteed, and can only be made 1 friend. Please click here to submit a Late Friend Request. All requests made on this form are not guaranteed. 

Swimming for Campers 8 or older If your camper is eight years or older at the start of camp he/she will have the opportunity to go swimming at the Boy Scouts of America pool, all campers eight years or older will go to the pool with their group. Swimming is 1.5 hours long; Campers will leave camp at 10:30 am and return at approx 1:00 pm.

Campers at the pool will play fun and unique water games and activities. Each camper is individually evaluated on his/her swimming skills on the first day of each session so that the best level of supervision can be provided at all times.  Campers are not required to go swimming; other activities will be provided for campers.

Capers Please note all campers are required to do Capers, at Camp CaHiTo we are trying to teach campers about conservation and to care about every area that they are in including Camp. Every Group is assigned an area to do small cleaning on, which would be the bathroom area, snack shack, lunch area, main stage, etc. They work together as a group to take pride in a place they enjoy. (they will not be cleaning with chemicals).

Exemption From Immunization Requirements Because our camp program has a potential for communicable diseases, we recommend that program participants are appropriately immunized for, at minimum, the following diseases: tetanus, mumps, measles, rubella, polio, pertussis (whooping cough), and diphtheria. This being said, we recognize that some individuals may not be fully immunized for reasons that are biophysical (e.g., the individual is allergic to a serum component) or of personal choice (e.g., faith belief). This form is intended to capture information about individuals who are not fully immunized. To access this form please click here.

Camper Code of Conduct Please click here for more information. Camp staff use discipline as a learning opportunity for the camper and try to integrate problem-solving skills into the discussion.

PLEASE NOTE The camp administrative staff retains the right to take immediate action if the campers’ behavior poses a threat to their safety, the safety of other campers or camp staff. There will be no refund of any amount for campers who are sent home because of behavior problems.  Multiple potty accidents are considered behavior problems.  

The following behaviors could result in dismissal from the camp:

  1. Hitting other campers or staff;
  2. Continued disrespect to campers, faculty, or staff;
  3. Failure to respond to camp staff

Please make sure when registering your campers to read through all the Policies on the registration form. If you have any questions or concerns about any of our Policies, please contact the office at 619-291-8985 or email info@campfiresdi.org.